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Who We Are

We are a marketing firm committed to providing Americans with quality information regarding their rights and options when it comes to Medicare Supplement insurance.

We do not sell insurance. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency or the federal Medicare Program. There are many different types of medicare coverage and it can be confusing. Our network of licensed insurance agents are also committed to providing free, no obligation information to help you navigate the understanding, consideration and potential purchase of appropriate insurance for you and your family.

We are consumers too. We are on the internet all the time and are always cautious about our information. We also hate being bombarded by "third party affiliates." We know that submitting information into a website can create concern. We ask ourselves every time, what are they going to do with my information? How many new forms of spam emails will I receive if I hit submit? Who are they going to sell this information to? We are committed to protecting your information and honoring your privacy and your time. That's why we only provide your contact information to ONE licensed insurance agent. Many insurance websites give your name to multiple agents, usually all at the same time. From this website you can expect to be contacted by ONE agent, hopefully very quickly, after you click submit. We ask that when you submit your information within this site that you not go back to web surfing and submit your information into other sites for at least one day as your phone and inbox may become flooded.

This is an honest opportunity for you to know all of your rights and options as it relates to Medicare Supplement insurance.


We wish you all the best,

The Staff at www.SupplementYourMedicare.com


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